The Coming Turmoil in the World’s Banks

Regarding the international banking clan:
They have financed greed, they have financed control, they have financed deception, they have financed slavery, they have financed chaos, they have financed destruction and death. They have plotted and schemed in their deceiving desires. They have robbed, stolen, bankrupted, and their hearts and mouths are filled with lies, trickery, and deceit. Come out from her midst my people. I say again, come out so that you do not partake of her destruction. I will bring my hand against her, for I have determined her ruin and wreckage. There will be none that can help her, none that can save. She has used her wealth to wage war, therefore war shall come upon her. She has believed that she is secure and that none can harm her, but I, the Lord, shall cause her downfall to be sudden and everlasting.

Ruin, ruin, ruin do I declare. Pay her back double for her evil. Yes, I will use her own devices to trap and destroy. Then she will know that I have seen her hidden plans, heard her willful and arrogant words, and have acted in my unstoppable power. Come out my people, come out, lest you too partake of her demise! I will now arise. I shall come out of my hidden place and shall act in the light with great might. Come out my people.

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