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Christ the Stumbling Block

The heavenlies have been lost in the church today. We have made the kingdom of God an earthly, carnal replica of the kingdoms of this world. Think with me for a minute about Paul the Apostle before He had the revelation of the kingdom. Think of his concept before the Road to Damascus. What was […]

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Rejecting the Voice from the Throne

Only the government of God can rightly steward the voice of God. That has been proven by failure throughout history when the voice of God comes, and the government of man shuts it down. This happened in our lifetime in the 1980s when the voice of God picked areas across our nation to come into, but […]

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Come Onto Heavenly Ground!

Why do we want God? That is a legitimate question. Do we simply want Him because we want to get to heaven and have Him take care of our needs while we’re still on earth? That is an important question for us and for our day because of John 2:23-25:  Now when He was in […]

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