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Bridal Journey

Far above rubies A priestly bride The Queen in gold Stands by His side Bone of His bone Flesh of His flesh Clothed only in His Righteousness His cross she bears Upon her breast Her heart is His To be possessed Upon the earth And through the years Her journey long And wrought with tears […]

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CONFERENCE: Inward Preparation for Difficult Times

In the last days, it has been Biblically foretold that difficult times would be the reality. Throughout the church’s history, included now, God’s people have had war waged against them both by Satan and people. The present and approaching seasons will see this fact become a world wide reality including and especially in western culture. […]

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Lord of the Seasons

We are in a change of seasons. Not only individually, but we are to go through a change of seasons corporately. There’s something in the lesson of the natural seasons that is so important for us to understand. It is important when God leads us into a different season not to fight to get back […]

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Conference December 14-16, 2018 - Inward Preparation for Difficult Times Dismiss