A Word for the Body of Christ

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The Lord says:

  • The great release of My power and authoritative power and anointing are at hand. Yet, this will not be a general body release, but a specific release, a measured release to and through My refined ones, My spirit trained ones, My shining ones, My prepared and ready Bride. There will be a true Gideon type army who quickly bow and drink of My depths, and who are fully alert and sober. They will be characterized by My character and fervent in their proclamation of My eternal gospel.
  • Access to My full release will never be realized by demands, force, worthless words, futile formulas, or unfounded faith.
    a. Christ imbibed humility alone will open the way into initial access.
    b. Internal transformation into the image of Christ will bring forth His fullness of purpose.
  • An absolute commitment to the name above all names will be among God’s set apart ones. Christ Himself will be their portion, their reason, their passion, love, and proclamation.
  • A deep internal conviction to remain small and hidden, allowing Christ alone to be exalted in them, will be the posture and manifestation among My called out ones.
  • The plumb line ministry of the triumphant eternal Lamb of God will be re-established in this end-time and end of the age season.
  • The children’s bread “healing” will be released through My prepared Bride unto unprecedented measure.
  • The differing elements of nature will be tools and weapons in the Lamb’s armory and arsenal. The creation of earth and the heavens shall join in the battle of Christ the Lamb and the Anti-Christ spirit!
  • The cloud of witnesses shall be unshrouded and the angelic host unveiled to those whose spiritual senses have been trained. They both shall fully participate in this end of the age struggle.
  • The spirit destroyer shall be used against God’s enemies and His people’s enemies. He has been released, and (as in Exodus 12) only those who are covered by the Lamb’s blood will be spared. He was used to strike the firstborn, Nebuchadnezzar, and Herod and is the king over the locust of Revelation 9. He will bring insanity, disease, and death as he has throughout human history when unleashed. Abortion will be halted through the use of this spirit. We must pray for our children and all children, for children’s diseases will be released by this spirit’s coming.
  • The lamb will make frequent appearances in the heavens and earth. His face will be clearly seen.
  • A new constitutional political party shall come forth.
  • The wise master builders and foundation layers are arising. The Lamb’s apostles shall be unsheathed.
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