Why We Fight

We are at war! This is not just a theory—this battle is taking place every single day in our homes, our marriages, our churches, and our communities. We must see how the enemy uses our relationships as a primary battleground, but more importantly, come to see the Lord’s strategic purpose and goal through conflict.

The Lord is calling every one of us to active duty enlistment. We are called to be the Mighty Men and Women of God for this hour with an unshakeable foundation of intimacy with the Lord and submission to our Supreme Commander. The Lord is ready and waiting to reveal His very specific military battleplan and the advanced weaponry He would equip us with for this fight.

In Why We Fight, see the reality of battle, learn to take your place and fight in prayer, and get answers to your questions about what it means to be a soldier in this army.

Terry’s first book is available in print at his conferences or in our online bookstore.

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