Update on Shiloh Training Facility

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. We wanted to share an update on the first phase of the Shiloh Training facility which broke ground several months ago and is currently in the framing process. Those of you who have prayed, supported, and followed along this journey with us know that we have been accomplishing various phases on the Shiloh Ministry property as the Lord leads and directs and as He provides. There have been many thoughts and ideas we’ve processed along this journey, and even attempts at beginning specific phases that we thought were to come first, and the Lord has had to interrupt our own thoughts and plans and redirect us to what He desires. The goal of our hearts is firstly and most importantly, to be led of Him and by Him, even if we do not always fully understand. This is where we want to forever remain.

This first phase is what we have come to refer to as a “Housing Center”. It is an almost 4,000 sq ft home with two separate levels, and will be able to host around 15 individuals during our training times. The Lord has been very specific that this is to be the first phase for many different reasons, but most importantly because housing is what is truly needed for leaders that come for one on one training, and for those traveling distances in order to take part in the Shiloh Training. The Lord was also very specific, regarding this housing phase, that the house was to have caretakers who live in it and help to keep up with the maintenance of the building and grounds. The Lord has highlighted my son in law Isaac and my daughter Cherith, who both serve in many capacities for us and the ministry, for this purpose. They will be living in the top level of the home and will thus take part in hosting, serving, maintaining, and caretaking as people come to stay.

A second phase for the Shiloh Training Facility, with a large meeting area, will be the next one to follow, but for now we will continue to meet in the Gathering building during our training times until we are able to move to that phase. We want to always remain as open and transparent with all of you as possible as we move forward, as we know many of you have given financially towards Shiloh over the years, and others have and continue to give and support us and all the Lord is doing through the ministry. Our hearts are truly appreciative of your support financially, but most importantly, your partnering with us in prayer and standing with us that we always remain under His hand and in His will and that God continues to have His way. That Christ would be Who is seen, Who is preached, Who is lived, Who is the focus. Thank you all for your continued love and prayer.

With much love,
Terry and Donna Bennett and family

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