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Lord of the Seasons

We are in a change of seasons. Not only individually, but we are to go through a change of seasons corporately. There’s something in the lesson of the natural seasons that is so important for us to understand. It is important when God leads us into a different season not to fight to get back […]

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Worldwide Shipping!

We are thrilled to announce that we now offer worldwide shipping for Terry’s books. Thanks for your patience! You can get Why We Fight or The Angelic Order at War in our bookstore now. But just in case you want to wait and combine shipping, Terry’s new book, Within The Circle of the Throne will be […]

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Christ the Stumbling Block

The heavenlies have been lost in the church today. We have made the kingdom of God an earthly, carnal replica of the kingdoms of this world. Think with me for a minute about Paul the Apostle before He had the revelation of the kingdom. Think of his concept before the Road to Damascus. What was […]

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