Shiloh Training Center

The Vision of Shiloh

May 2019 Update

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. We wanted to share an update on the first phase of the Shiloh Training facility which broke ground several months ago and is currently in the framing process. Those of you who have prayed, supported, and followed along this journey with us know that we have been accomplishing various phases on the Shiloh Ministry property as the Lord leads and directs and as He provides. There have been many thoughts and ideas we’ve processed along this journey, and even attempts at beginning specific phases that we thought were to come first, and the Lord has had to interrupt our own thoughts and plans and redirect us to what He desires. The goal of our hearts is firstly and most importantly, to be led of Him and by Him, even if we do not always fully understand. This is where we want to forever remain.

This first phase is what we have come to refer to as a “Housing Center”. It is an almost 4,000 sq ft home with two separate levels, and will be able to host around 15 individuals during our training times. The Lord has been very specific that this is to be the first phase for many different reasons, but most importantly because housing is what is truly needed for leaders that come for one on one training, and for those traveling distances in order to take part in the Shiloh Training. The Lord was also very specific, regarding this housing phase, that the house was to have caretakers who live in it and help to keep up with the maintenance of the building and grounds. The Lord has highlighted my son in law Isaac and my daughter Cherith, who both serve in many capacities for us and the ministry, for this purpose. They will be living in the top level of the home and will thus take part in hosting, serving, maintaining, and caretaking as people come to stay.

A second phase for the Shiloh Training Facility, with a large meeting area, will be the next one to follow, but for now we will continue to meet in the Gathering building during our training times until we are able to move to that phase. We want to always remain as open and transparent with all of you as possible as we move forward, as we know many of you have given financially towards Shiloh over the years, and others have and continue to give and support us and all the Lord is doing through the ministry. Our hearts are truly appreciative of your support financially, but most importantly, your partnering with us in prayer and standing with us that we always remain under His hand and in His will and that God continues to have His way. That Christ would be Who is seen, Who is preached, Who is lived, Who is the focus. Thank you all for your continued love and prayer.

With much love,
Terry and Donna Bennett and family


2018 Update! We have broken ground on the Shiloh Training Center. Watch Terry share this exciting announcement, and a special thank you for all who have prayed and supported to make this possible.

More than seven years ago, the Lord began to speak to me “a second time” about the Shiloh vision. Although there has been clear revelation on this matter, I personally was unhappy about the possibility of another Shiloh. I have witnessed too much failure in leaders and too much vessel-focus to be excited about these things.  However, I repented and became willing, so the waiting period began.

Beginning in late 2013, several strong confirmations came to us from several trusted friends who knew nothing of God’s promise to us. Neville Johnson, who is my dear friend, was one of these confirmations. Timing was included in these confirmations. These have brought us to this time, and after much prayer and revealing, to the vision of Shiloh.

Shiloh has come to mean much more now to me than when the Lord first spoke. Some of the particulars involve the two persons of Hannah and Samuel. These two represent God’s new beginning in their time, and the recovery of God’s fuller thought and purpose. Samuel himself was the beginning of the new priestly and prophetic order that was in God’s heart. The training of prophets would become a part of God’s call to Samuel. Acts 3:24 bears out the New Order which God brought forth in and through Samuel but continued in his successors. The successors included Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, John the Baptist and many others in both Testaments. The combination of priest, prophet, and judge was established in Samuel by the Lord who was birthed in and through the travail of Hannah.

The ministry of Shiloh has a call to re-establish the prophetic order of Samuel and bring training to those The Lord identifies to us. Therefore Shiloh must be birthed in travail, and this has begun. It must also be a place of being before the Lord, for this is of primary importance. Only after this is established can the rest of God’s purpose proceed.

The Lord is still revealing His heart and mind on the fullness of this training and ministry, however our part is going to involve God locating them for us and helping those whom the Lord has already put His hand on. The training here in Tennessee will not be a traditional school, a place that people can choose to come to, at least not right away. But we will be offering materials and training online to the wider Body as part of this ministry.

God has not given us a general mandate of prophetic training, but a very specific mandate to raise up the successors of Samuel and the true prophetic ministry. It begins with the Throne Room ministry, and specifically bringing the Voice from the throne back into the earth again. This must be distinguished from the gift of prophecy, the present prophetic ministry. God is bringing forth now the wise master builders—the apostolic ministry, and the true prophetic ministry. That is meant to be a single entity. That is God’s mandate for us in this ministry called Shiloh. Please pray for us and for God’s heart in these matters. We know that we are not to replace the general teaching concerning the prophetic, nor are we trying to. Nor are we trying to dishonor that. We are trying to specifically do what God is telling us to do in the succession of the true prophetic ministry that God is again after in our times.

As The Lord continues to reveal His own thoughts and heart concerning this purpose, we have identified two basic areas of His focus:

    1. To see the fallen ministry of Samuel raised up in the earth again. Acts 3 speaks clearly of  this ministry, beginning with Samuel and then continuing through those God chose as his successors. *It is noteworthy that God chose the successors, NOT Samuel. This ministry of The Voice from the throne, both was and is the highest order of the prophetic ministry. It is NOT the gift of prophecy – which has a needed, yet specific function of edifying, encouraging, and building up of a fellow member, etc. The Voice from the throne is eternal, outside of time, outside of covenants, it is God ruling and governing over the entire creation by THE VOICE. It is on eternal, not temporal ground. It deals with the full thought and mind of God, not elements which are but one component. The birthing of the wise master builder ministry is in view and is objective. If ever we needed this eternal ministry of The Voice, it is now. The soul, confusion, and poor biblical understanding is in much of what is presently termed prophetic ministry and God’s full thought and purpose are NOT present in much of it. The cross is not truly known, the crucified life is rejected, there is little true humility, and God does not have His high ground of holiness, purity and absence of mixture and selfish ambition through it. This is NOT meant to be critical, but challenging to us to let God finally have what He eternally desires and allow Him to annihilate the old man in us and subjugate our souls and flesh to the will of God rather than remaining self-willed vessels.


  1. The command to help various leaders through small retreats. More will be shared concerning all of this and more of the first later, but the spirit of Saul vs. the heart of David is what the       Lord desires to deal with. Many are coming out to Him with hearts hungry for the presence of God both individually and corporately. Our hearts are to help! again, the inward life and the       personal devotedness to Jesus Christ will lead the way before all other matters. Much of our time together will be in prayer, in His presence, like Samuel ministering to The Lord at Shiloh.       There are no formulas, no shortcuts; we must become disciplined in this matter of devotion to Him.

The father commanded me to be a part of His raising up vessels of The Voice from the throne. Obedience is my desire in this matter for I have NOT desired to do this. Only He can bring about that which He is after, and only He can identify to others as well as myself those of the successors of Samuel for these times that we are meant to help. He promised me He would do so and I believe Him. This is not meant to exclude, however this particular function is not a general call. I believe in all prophesying, but not all are successors of Samuel in this priestly, prophetic, governmental building function. It will demand a large measure of fear of The Lord, and true humility to walk this difficult path (which is very, very narrow), to become approved of God unto this work. Our part will be to help in the inward man, the priestly role and the necessity of the crucified life, the life of The Lamb. Conflict, battle, betrayal and even death have always been intermingled with recovery, turning the hearts, victory, and glory. It will be true here as well.

The Lord has promised that His glory is coming as at Shiloh of old. We have a responsibility and part in this promise, and we understand our need to be intentional and willing before Him.
Some of the training will be in these areas:

  • Ministry to the Lord
  • Being in love with Him in His presence
  • The importance of the hidden life
  • Being under His hand; what it means and entails
  • God’s sovereignty matched by our responsibility
  • Training the senses
  • Jeremiah 23


Through Samuel at Shiloh, God established the highest prophetic order of the time. We make it our goal to fulfill our part in this call. 




Updates on the Shiloh Training Center’s Progress

April 7th, 2015

We are so very blessed and excited to announce to you that we closed on the Shiloh Training Center Property on Monday March 30th 2015. We are so thankful to the Lord for all of His provision and to each one of you that has not only given financially but who have continually prayed and stood in faith with us for the purpose of The Lord to be accomplished in this matter. Thank you! Your prayers and yielded hearts joined with the Lord and His will have helped turn this vision into an ever ongoing reality. As you know, this has been a long journey for us and we know that it will continue to be a journey as we wait upon the Lord for Him to have His ultimate goal in and through our lives and through this ministry – which is not ours, but His. The first phase, securing the land has been accomplished. The next phase will be beginning building the training center and then the retreat housing as The Lord provides the funds. We have seen His faithfulness continually in not only this matter but every area of our lives and we know that He is more than able to provide all that is needed. We humbly beseech you still, for your continued prayers and we thank you again for ALL of your support! Much love,

-Terry and family


February 5th, 2015

We are excited to report that we have reached an agreement on the 68 acre property and home for Shiloh Training Center!.

A couple of weeks ago we began this portion of the process by making our first offer and writing up a contract. We reached an agreement on this past Saturday for $349,900 USD. This would not have been possible without your generosity with your prayers and also your giving. We are so very grateful for everyone who has prayed and will continue to pray for the Shiloh project. We are equally grateful for those who God has led to give unto it. I personally have not desired to say much about the status because far too often there can be a note of compelling toward people to give. This is not the Holy Spirit’s way. I believe He moves on hearts and that is all it demands, the soul and flesh should not be a part of the process.

We made a cash offer for the property believing that what is needed will come. This is not presumption, The Lord has spoken very clearly to us several times about this property and the timing was clearly established by supernatural communication. The major part of the needed resources has come with only around $50,000 or so needed. We take that as a true release of God, so that the property will be secured.

The Retreat Center itself will be the next project and we plan to begin the training this year with or without the Center. It is time to recover the lost ministry of Samuel back into the earth, The Father said!. We say yes and so be it!.

Please recieve our deepest thanks and love for all of you, we ask you to continue to pray for His wisdom and guidance for every step of this journey. Amen

-Terry and family

October 10th, 2014

We believe we have found the property for Shiloh!, we are excited about this important first step.

About the property:

There is approximately 68 acres of both cleared and wooded land. There are two ponds, one spring fed and the other perfectly readied for being a peaceful place for prayer and contemplation. The land is quite secluded but accessible by good, paved roads, other than the driveway. There are also two wells on the property, one which currently provides all the water. The house is partly log and the rest is wood siding. Wildlife such as deer and turkey are regular visitors but a bald eagle has also been spotted a number of times and is thought to be nesting nearby.

This has been the reason for the waiting, finding the right property, but now we are thankful to The Lord for His direction. Our hopes have been to be either debt free or be able to pay the property off quickly and then to move forward with the building projects.

I have been so thankful for people’s interest in Shiloh. Numbers of you have asked about and or given towards this vision and what has been received and all of your prayers have been such an encouragement to us and we are so very grateful. There will need to be bargaining on the price but I feel that we can purchase the property for somewhere between $325000 and $350000. This is a very good deal indeed.

In view of those of you who asked for more info and an update, I offer this now. We do NOT have the funds to purchase this property, what has been given to date is less than one-fourth of the funds needed to purchase it. In no way does this bring to our hearts anything other than appreciation for those of you who have given and sacrificed to do so. Again, THANK YOU!. I do want to let all know though, the status and giving opportunity to those who are being directed of The Lord to do so.

About Shiloh:

All funds have been and will continue to go to Shiloh as designated. Checks or PayPal are two ways you may wish to give (the address and also the link to donate are at the bottom of this page). The Lord bless you for your prayers, hearts, and giving. You are TRULY appreciated. Thank you all.


If you feel called to donate, thank you! Please mail checks to the ministry and note that they are for Shiloh.

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