Lady Liberty Cries Out

Where is our Lady Liberty
I fear she’s almost gone
Her torch is barely burning
It’s almost been snuffed out
She’s standing in the harbor
Crying “Help me someone please!”
Is my country praying
Have they fallen on their knees?
There is one who will help us
If we call upon His name
He birthed us as a Nation
But since then Oh how we’ve changed!
Let us humbly come before Him
And repent for our disgrace
Asking for His tender mercy
Remove the filth upon our face
One nation under God
This is who we’re meant to be
With our flag flying high
Home of the brave and the free

Do you hear her calling
“Will you help me stand and fight?”
By standing up for justice
And what you know is right

“Help me quickly Oh I pray you”
Help me quickly as I call
For if you will not help me
I fear that I may fall
From Lady Liberty
Categories: Poetry