Journeys With God

A portion of an encounter in which the Lord unrolled a scroll declaring the 14 problems He has with modern theology

The Decree

  1. Theology (sound biblical teaching or doctrine): What man says about God – not necessarily what God says about Himself – Man’s ideology is responsible for much of our theology.
  2. The mind of man is usually a filter which establishes his beliefs according to his experience or lack of experience.
  3. Man’s experience usually molds his thinking and ideas more than divine truth.
  4. The revealed truth in the Bible was never meant to be complicated. It was written so that fisherman, farmers, (they had relationship with Jesus), etc., could understand it. God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound human wisdom so He used ordinary people moved on by His Spirit to write most of the Bible books.
  5. God cannot be understood by the natural mind! “The greatest problem with most theology is that it is too naturally composed.” The Spirit of God reveals God to the spiritually available and spiritually minded. The Spirit combines spiritual thoughts into spiritual words.
  6. True theology must be based in a living growing transforming relationship with God in the Spirit not in the natural wisdom or interpretation of spiritual Scriptures.
  7. False teachers are as great a threat as false prophets. However today we quickly kill those judged to be false prophets while buying false teachers’ books!
  8. Deception always occurs when the mind of a man rules instead of the heart. Revelation comes to the heart therefore man’s mind must be in submission in order to receive and believe revelation. Information is different from revelation. The mind must submit to the Spirit – spirit.
  9. Much of our theology is both soulish and fleshly. It does not proceed from the Spirit to our spirit. We have made God into our image and relegated He who is supernatural to the natural.
  10. Much of the present teaching in the church is responsible for the sterility of modern Christianity in the things of the Spirit. Everything produces after its own kind! Christianity begins and is sustained through life in the Spirit Who directs how we behave and relate while still housed in the flesh. We are spiritual beings temporarily housed in fleshly bodies. We must be reproducing in others the quality of spiritual life which we are called to live.
  11. Our minds must be renewed and transformed by heart/spiritual encounters with the living God through the Spirit of God filling our spirits. Otherwise the spiritually blind will continue to lead others into spiritual blindness through intellectual Christianity.
  12. Mind theology instead of heart-fed biblical truth is a primary reason for the church’s irrelevance, ineffectiveness and powerlessness! Our relationship to God and His using us alone can establish the kingdom He is building!
  13. The only degree which can qualify us to rightly divide the Word of truth and rightly speak about Him (remember Job’s friends) is the MS degree, the Mind-of-the-Spirit degree. The degree to which our minds are filled by the Spirit with the mind of Christ determines the correctness of what we teach and understand about Him and His written Word. Fleshly mind attempts will lead to greater deception.
  14. Mind theology vs. heart (Spirit) theology brings irrelevance, ineffectiveness and powerlessness. “our relation to Heaven (The God of Heaven) alone reverses this dilemma!”
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