The Arising of the False Prophet

The false prophet has arisen. With him is his priesthood, and it is gaining momentum. In our lifetime, we have seen the advancement of evil on a scale never witnessed. The voice of the false prophet and his priesthood is not going to arise; it has arisen. The political and governmental side of that is […]

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Passing the Test

We are being tested my friends, all of us. We are being tested, and it is not an easy test. It is one of those hard tests like you hated in school. God has His own school system, and in the school of Christ, progress is going to come through battle and conflict. It is […]

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Persevering Under the Burden

We have been on a journey together of learning to bear the burden of the Lord. But with that burden comes tremendous battle and a level of wholehearted commitment that requires everything you’ve got. You might be starting to realize how quickly the burden of the Lord can be lost, or feel like it’s there one […]

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