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A Word for the Body of Christ

[easy_media_download url=”” text=”Download PDF” color=”green”] The Lord says: The great release of My power and authoritative power and anointing are at hand. Yet, this will not be a general body release, but a specific release, a measured release to and through My refined ones, My spirit trained ones, My shining ones, My prepared and ready Bride. There […]

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A Word for the USA

The Lord says: The greatest difficulties and troubles America has faced are at hand! It will be a trial by fire and will involve multiple arenas. The shroud of evil is coming onto America. True believers will be ridiculed, falsely accused, intimidated, attacked, and hunted. There is a satanic conspiracy to enslave, control, and dominate […]

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The New Cup of Intercession

Recently I received a revelational encounter while before the throne of God in heaven which was tied together with a 2002 revelation. In 2002, I was before the throne and nations were being summoned to appear. I watched as all the believers who are with the Lord from the United States came before the throne. […]

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