The Vastness of the Knowledge of God’s Person

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A number of years ago I was caught up in a trance type experience in which the Lord spoke to me concerning the knowledge of God.

In the experience I was shown a truth in obvious parabolic language designed to illustrate the greatness of who the Lord is and our need for continuing revelation that we might know Him.

I found myself standing on a seashore and, by living understanding, knew that every grain of sand in the entire universe was on this shore. I then saw the Lord standing to my right on the shore. He was holding a single blue grain of sand between His index finger and thumb on His right hand. Looking me in the eyes, He told me that this blue grain of sand represented the knowledge of God. He declared that for the past eight thousand years mankind has been gazing into this one grain and had yet to discern all of Him that was in that one grain. He then held out His left hand to me which was filled with sand. He then told me that these grains represent the revealed things which are for us now! He motioned toward all the sand of the universe on the shore and said that all that sand represent the beginning of the Knowledge of God for eternity.

I often ponder this experience and always it reminds me of the greatness, vastness, and unfathomableness of His marvelous Person. One thing is very clear to me in the living understanding which was imparted to me in this experience: in order to know Him as He truly is, it demands that He reveal Himself. Knowing information is entirely different when compared to God revealing Himself spirit to spirit. Much or all of what comes to us, even through the voice of creation, is finite, limited, and distorted by our own carnal minds. He desires to make Himself known to us, but the channel of revelation is by His Spirit unto our inward redeemed spirit man. Thus, man’s history is filled with deception, misunderstanding, and imaginative tales or fables which misrepresent the One true living God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is altogether unlike any of His creation, and only in redeemed mankind has He formed for Himself a dwelling place called the New Creation.

To say that we will be forever in School, the school of Christ, may be one way of looking at the “ongoingness” of our learning of Him, but we must not leave out the inward union and intimacy that this demands. It is communion, it is by unveiled beholding, and it is through eating and partaking that He is truly made known. So let’s set our hearts to believe, receive, and enjoy the relationship He offers to us in Christ Jesus.

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