The Coming Confrontation

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Some time ago, I was taken up into a spiritual experience to a familiar meeting place with the Lord. I first encountered the Lord here back in the year 2000, and I felt in this more recent encounter that the original message was connected to the recent.
In the more recent encounter, I was watching a large comet coming across the heavens with its tail stretched out across many light years of distance. The Lord was standing to my right front and He told me to look again at the comet. Now the comet was headed straight for our earth. This comet represented the knowledge of God in the 2000 encounter, but in this encounter it represented the knowledge of God in Christ, or the Apostolic Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Lord then began to speak about the coming confrontation between the Apostolic Gospel of Jesus Christ, the world, and the world of the church. This confrontation is directed by the Father against all that has set itself against or in place of the Lord Jesus Christ and the gospel which He is. Note that it was this gospel in the New Testament era which turned the world upside down (Acts 17) and will do so again if we will embrace and allow His revelation to align our hearts to the mind of Christ.

There was a special invitation and warning given to the prophetic movement in this encounter. There is an invitation to turn and see a fuller measure of Christ and His gospel which will overturn many of our beliefs and practices or to repeat spiritual history and malign, obstruct, resist, and persecute the one, true, absolute gospel which the apostles and prophets laid as the foundation of the New Testament church. It is our choice, and we will need to make it. We must also be forewarned that this will not be a smooth or easy transition for any of us. We can fall on the rock and we will be broken to pieces, or this rock that He is will fall on us and grind us to dust!

May I personally encourage us all to begin to ask, seek, and knock with a certain expectation that He eternally desires to reveal Himself as the good news (Gospel) to all mankind. Secondly, the Holy Spirit will be rooting out and uncovering our false interpretations of the gospel and confronting any mixture which we have introduced. Galatians 1 will be very important for us to keep near our hearts. Paul writes there in Galatians that those who preach any gospel other than the one which he preaches are under a curse. Not only this but if we preach a different gospel (which is no gospel at all) we are cursing all who receive it from us. Revelation 14 speaks of this eternal gospel which is for every nation, tribe, etc. May we allow God to recover in fullness His testimony, the Gospel of Christ, the Apostolic Gospel in our time.

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