Concerning Alaska

Alaska: Guardian of the North
Feeder of the Poor
Supply for the South
Refuge for Peoples and Nations

Your arms will not be short
In the day of trouble
Preparation is your mandate
Alert is your watch word
You will stand in the gates
And you will stand in the gap
I will give My strength to you
Thus you will not stumble
You will resist the coming floods
Your dams will be strengthened
And they will not break
Remain small in your own eyes
Humility will bring My favor
And allow Me to be your greatness
The coming shadow will not abide upon your land
I will grant My dominion to your domain
Go through the land and announce My dominion
Raise the banner for they shall come
I will send the oppressed, the persecuted
The broken and the hopeless, so prepare
Let My wisdom fill your minds
Let My strength and confidence fill your hearts

I have given you the treasures of and in the Land
The Gold, the Silver, the Oil and resources of land
The treasures of the Waters are yours – to drink
To feed unto greater health
The treasures of the Air – Pureness and Regeneration
There are many hidden treasures, ask Me for the wisdom of discovery

Prepare for a season of growth in population.
Prepare for growing pains – but trust My Word and Wisdom.
Prepare for internal and external conflict.
Prepare for My resolution to come in time.
My promise is protection and sustainment.

Guard what I have entrusted to you, entrust these to faithful men and women (2 Tim. 2:2).
So prepare your Guard – Minute Men – who are ready – Militia well armed and ready.
The National Guard shall be yours; Prepare the Alaska Response Corps (ARC), land, sea, and air.
Call to the People and Call the People Forth
Call a fast – A day and days of Prayer, Solemn Assembly
Call a Week of Prayer and repentance, a Month of humility before the Lord.
Call for a renewed allegiance to the Original Constitution on a state-wide basis.
Vote to ratify, accept, and abide by its wisdom as a state, as set forth by the Founding Fathers.
A day for the people to accept and ratify the Old.
Declare the self-evident truths of equality.
Declare the government to be the people’s servant, not lord.

Proclaim that the government of the people, by the people, and for the people must not perish from this nation.
Proclaim the Constitution of Alaska. That will stand side by side with the hearts, hopes, and intents of the Founding Fathers’ original purpose of a republic.

Form your Banking system, free from the control of the Federal Reserve. The Bank of Alaska which will be backed by Alaska gold. Gold will be the standard.

Ready your currency; the Alaskan Dollar. With the symbols of life and hope on the bills, rather than the deception of control and cultic symbols. Again, the gold standard must be your standard.

Prepare cities of refuge. Build, enlarge, and make them ready for the days ahead. In the North, South, East, and West, be prepared. Fairbanks is a key city, well situated for government purposes, safety purposes, strategic purposes, and building purposes. The star will shine from it, for it will become a star city in the land

Prepare the storehouses and warehouses as Joseph did. Build them and fill them for the days ahead. Gather the grains in large quantities until the demand is greatest. Ready them near cities (Genesis 41:35) and guard it. Food will be vital and large quantities must be gathered.

Go forward with relationship building unto future purpose. Canada shall be a friend and ally. Establish greater commerce and trade. The U.S.A. military bases must not become a source of contention. Let the bases remain as they are now. In as much as possible, be at peace with the U.S.A.

South Korea will be important, as will Texas, Arizona, California, and Washington etc.
Increase your seed supply. Increase the growing of wheat and grains. Increase your herds, animals which can provide the peoples with sustainment. The Lord will bless your efforts, increase your harvest, and increase your herds so move forward in confidence. You are His bond servants and bonds will have significance for provision.

Pure water will be the issue in the days ahead. Wisdom will be to have ability to purify the waters. Protect your resources for the Lord has given you the waters in abundance.

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