For more than 30 years, Terry and his wife Donna have served in full-time ministry. They have pioneered and pastored a number of churches during this time, as well as participating in Shiloh, an international prophetic ministry based in Kansas City, MO. Terry has a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Central Bible College, Springfield, MO.

Terry has traveled extensively since the late 90’s both internationally and across the United States ministering in churches, conferences, and to individuals to encourage them in knowing the Lord and living in His love.

Today, he travels with his son Josiah as they minister to the body of Christ and challenge the church to come out to the Lord and prepare herself for her Bridegroom. When he is home, he gives oversight to The Gathering church in Dickson, TN, and the Messengers of Shiloh ministry, including the Shiloh Training Center.

Terry and Donna and their children Nathaniel, Josiah, Cherith, Daniel, and Shiloh, along with their spouses and grandchildren reside in Vanleer, Tennessee.

"What is of importance is not who we are in Jesus, the importance is who Jesus is in us. The first is self focused, the second puts the focus back on Him." Terry Bennett

A Note from Terry Regarding Election 2016

Friends, I wanted to do a follow up regarding the recent revelation I shared on Donald Trump and the upcoming 2016 Election [Read Here]. I wanted to clarify some things in order to help us understand some action steps we must be willing to take as the body of Christ. I do not believe that […]

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A recent Revelation concerning Donald Trump

Dear friends, I want to preface what I am about to share with you with the fact that I do not believe nor am I saying Donald Trump is a born again believer nor that he is a flawless individual beyond reproach. But even if he is a Cyrus figure (who was an evil man […]

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25 Points – Encounter Oct 2nd 2013

  Friends, I received this list of 25 points of events in an encounter on October 2nd 2013 and, until this point, have not been released of the Lord to share publicly. I feel The Lord has finally told me to release these points that I was shown are to occur over the next cycle and course […]

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